C&I EnergyManager

pC&I Energy Manager is a secure cloud-basedportal offering reports that allow commercial and industrial utility customers to better manage their energy use. It is ideal for large users of energy (typically over 250 kWh per year) with significant energy bills and complex loads to manage such as grocery stores, school boards, hospitals, manufacturing plants, mills, warehouses, etc.CandI Screen

Utilismart provides this portal directly to commercial or industrial businesses who need a tool to help them manage their energy use and to ensure the bills they receive from their utility are correct. Utilismart also provides this portal to utilities, who can in turn offer it to important commercial and industrial customers as a value-added service, helping the utility attract new customers and maintain high customer satisfaction levels. Other users of C&I Energy Manager are energy consultants who use the portal to help advise their C&I customers.

CandI Screen

Image-1C&I Energy Manager delivers energy reports, tracks peak demand and power factor and consumption as well as energy costs all in a single, user friendly portal. Engineers can use this information implement demand management strategies to control costs across their facilities. Business owners can use it as an investigative tool to reveal energy waste and solve problems. Any unusual pattern in energy data can be observed, investigated and analyzed quickly.

new tool in modern plantOperational Example– One of the largest Auto Assembly plants in North America utilizes C&I Manager daily to monitor Peak Load and pricing affects to their Operational costs. In 2003, a Coincident Peak Load was established that resulted in a significant increase to their electricity costs. The Peak Loading Report was used by the Facility Engineering staff daily to monitor the Peak for the month. The assembly plant was able to implement various Energy Management Strategies, including a Motor Control Strategy to stagger start large motors and significantly control the Peak load of the plant. With the help of C&I Energy Manager, the plant was able to reduce peak load by $250,000/month.



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