Leverage Meter Data for Utility Operations; Monitor the health of your network

HealthMAP is a secure map-based web portal that leverages meter data to monitor the health of your network. With HealthMAP, you now have near real-time visibility of your network to manage network overloading, under/over voltage, power outages and network losses.

HealthMAP shows multiple customers without power during a power outage:

HealthMAP shows an overview of the most overloaded transformers at a distribution utility:


For utilities without SCADA, you can now see the state of your network and shift to a proactive model for efficient operations and customer service. For utilities with SCADA, HealthMAP extends your view beyond the substation so you can monitor the health of your network, along primary and secondary circuits, right down to each service point.

  • View the state of the entire network, right down to distribution transformers and service points
  • Monitor load and voltage at feeders, distribution transformers and customer meters
  • Automatically record load and voltage history on a graph for immediate reference
  • Receive an email alert when load or voltage exceeds a threshold
  • Detect network events, such as under voltage, over voltage and power outages
  • Determine the likely cause and its location on a map
  • Isolate the event and communicate resolution to your stakeholders on a map
  • Substantiate decisions with historical evidence
HealthMAP shows an under voltage event at a distribution utility:


Utilities use HealthMAP to view the state of the network, gain operational efficiencies, conserve voltage, improve reliability and pinpoint theft of power. This solution is offered under a hosting model that is affordable to small and mid-sized utilities.

  • Manage Network Overloading
  • Respond to Under/Over Voltages and Implement Voltage Conservation
  • Manage Power Outages
  • Reduce Network Losses
HealthMAP shows network loss due to an emergency load transfer
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