Energy Manager

Conservation and Demand Management is a priority for meeting today’s electricity needs:

The web-based Energy Manager product  collects, analyzes and reports the information needed to make business decisions about energy efficiency. With Energy Manager you can simply download energy reports,  track peak demand, power factor and energy consumption as well as market pricing and energy costs.

Flexible, scalable and secure, Energy Manager provides an energy profile for each facility, aggregates energy usage for all facilities and exposes saving opportunities through conservation and demand management strategies. Since 2011, Energy Manager has helped thousands of commercial and industrial customers achieve their energy efficiency objectives through a user friendly interface.

Customers are able to access vital energy consumption and cost information which is essential to the running their operation more efficiently. Since Energy Manager is a web-based solution, this information is available 24/7, allowing for remote access around the world.

Energy Manager assist organizations to manager their electricity conservation and demand in a variety of sectors across North America:

  • Electric Utilities
  • Cities and Municipalities
  • School Boards
  • Green Energy Generation
  • Conservation and Demand Management Participants
  • Multi-location Industries
  • Energy Consultants


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