Over 20 years of innovation have allowed us to develop a host of cost-effective, intuitive data management solutions. Our offerings are designed to streamline data operations, increasing the overall reliability of your utility’s investments.

SmartMAP helps you understand, plan and operate your system more effectively.

Provides the engineering and operational groups at an electric utility with a geographic analysis tool of their medium voltage distribution system. It helps you build an analytic model of your system and combines that with data from smart meters, wholesale meter points and other sensors to create a sophisticated simulation of your distribution system. Learn more

A secure map-based web portal that leverages meter data to monitor the health of your network.

You can now have near real-time visibility of your network to manage network overloading, under/over voltage, power outages and network losses. Learn more

Additional Solutions

Utility Energy Manager

The secure web-based Energy Manager product  collects, analyzes and reports the information needed to make business decisions about energy efficiency.

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Utility Data Manager

Allows utilities and other providers of energy to acquire data from various sensors and from electrical, water and gas meters. This provides valuable reporting and billing information to residential, commercial and industrial customers, all in the cloud.

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Utility Device Manager

A valuable tool for troubleshooting communication issues on metering networks. It provides a snapshot of all your electric, water and gas meters showing the status of the meters as well as their geographical location for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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Residential Energy Manager

Residential Energy Manager is a secure, web-based portal and smart phone app that utilities can provide to their residential customers to help them understand their energy bill consumption and history.

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C&I Energy Manager

A secure, cloud-based portal that offers reports that allow commercial and industrial utility customers to better manage their energy use.

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Utility Settlement Manager

Settlement Manager provides a turnkey metering and settlement solution for power distribution utilities.

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