The database at the heart of our online metering data solution.

The Utility Data Manager provides valuable reporting and billing information to residential, commercial, and industrial customers, all in the cloud. It is ideal for anyone in the energy industry who requires meter data management and analysis but wishes to avoid maintaining on-premise hardware and software.

This robust tool allows utilities and other providers of energy to acquire data from various sensors and from electrical, water, and gas meters.

UDM collects usage and event data from smart meters, interval meters, or other sensors providing a stream of monitored data. Then it stores, analyzes, and serves the data to Utilismart’s Energy Manager and Mapping applications for different end-customers, as well as other utility systems (SCADA, OMS, Design, CIS, Billing, etc.).

Utility Data Manger is entirely meter- and headend system-agnostic, meaning it can manage data from any device on your network, both smart meters and commercial/industrial interval meters. Utilismart simply establishes a data feed between out UDM and whichever system you have in place. We also enrich the data with other feeds such as weather and trend data.

In many cases, Utilismart operates these AMI headend systems on behalf of our customer, either on Utilismart’s premises or remotely at the customer site.