What is Green Button?

Green Button is a data standard that provides residential, commercial, and industrial energy customers with more choice in accessing electric or natural gas usage data.

Electricity and natural gas customers will be able to download their natural gas and hourly electricity usage data from their utility in a standardized digital format. Customers will also be able to authorize the secure, automatic transfer of this data to Green Button applications of their choice. Green Button applications can:

  • Provide you with information on your energy usage
  • Give you advice on how you can use less energy to help lower your bills, such as customized energy efficiency retrofit options or switching electricity price plans to get long-lasting savings

Utilismart Corporation and Screaming Power have teamed up to deliver the Ontario Green Button Toolset solution, powered by UtilityAPI’s proven technology, for Local Distribution Companies.  This power team includes experts who have years of experience integrating digital strategies for utilities and enterprise energy users, offering the Ontario energy marketplace a proven, mature product that satisfies Ontario’s unique requirements.

Green Button is Flexible by Design

The Utilismart and Screaming Power team have created a flexible solution that Local Distribution Companies and third parties can efficiently utilize and integrate with their business processes. 

  • Is a white label solution that supports utility-specific branding for improved customer experience.
  • Can operate as a stand-alone secure web-based application or it can easily be integrated with the LDCs customer portal.
  • Capable of achieving the OEB mandated objectives sooner.

How It Works

Ontario Green Button: Third Party

Step 1:
3rd Party Setup

  • Third-Party Registration Form
  • Access to Sandbox Environment + Test Data
  • Testing + Developing Third-Party Application
Ontario Green Button: Local Distribution Company

Step 2:
LDC Approval

  • Go Live (Approval)
  • Third-Party is Listed in Directory

Step 3:
Energy Customer

  • Selection of the Third-Party
  • Data Sharing
  • Authorization Form
  • Authorization Receipt
Ontario Green Button

Step 4:
3rd Party Access to Data

  • Immediate and controlled data access through dashboard and/or API
  • Export data in Green Button and other formats

How To Share Data With Third-Parties In A Secure Manner?

  • Adopt a resilient data-sharing infrastructure that enables innovation and energy transition
  • Provide secure, controlled data access to third parties
  • Enable data sharing authorization processes that ensure confidentiality and provides an audit trail
  • Use the only proven Green Button solution supported by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant with the highest privacy standards.
  • Use existing innovative technology that allows for secure data interchange.
  • Use Ontario’s only ISO 27001 certified utility services provider, ensuring the highest information security management.


Ontario Green Button