Utilismart’s Outage Management System, aka SmartMAP, creates value from AMI devices and other utility data in near-real-time to allow for and improve business processes related to advanced grid visibility, performance analysis, outage management, engineering analysis, active and reactive maintenance, and network planning.

SmartMAP is a system that provides the engineering and operational groups at an electric utility with a geographic analysis tool of their medium voltage distribution system. It helps utilities to build an analytic model of their system and combines that with data from smart meters, wholesale meter points, and other sensors to create a sophisticated simulation of your distribution system.

SmartMAP helps utilities to understand, plan and operate their system more effectively. Using the data provided by Utility Data Manager, SmartMAP runs real, measured voltage and load meter data through an engineering model and a connectivity model to eliminate guesswork and estimates. It can then provide a realistic and reliable simulation of the distribution network from the transmission substation all the way down to individual meters. It acts as a data scientist, converting vast amounts of complex data into actionable information.


  • Cross-platform accessibility to real-time data.
  • Improved system reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • It allows utilities to perform what-if scenarios to analyze system-based outcomes.
  • Improved customer experience by employing proactive rather than reactive asset management.
  • Improved network reliability and availability.
Utilismart SmartMAP: Outage Management Solution's Dashboard

Utilismart continues to help utilities reduce the challenges associated with aging infrastructure and distribution grid modernization. So, if your utility would like to gain greater grid visibility and more effective use and control of grid assets, reach out to us today for more information.

What Our Customers Say

“From a company perspective that is managing the electric grid, we operate more efficiently. We don’t have people out there 6-8 or 10 hours trying to figure out what the problem is, the technology is telling us what the problem is. We can send our crew out to the problem based on the data that we are receiving from SmartMap.”

Joe Barile
General Manager - Essex Powerlines