Residential Energy Manager is a secure, web-based portal and smart phone app that utilities can provide to their residential customers to help them understand their energy bill consumption and history.

In this smart mobile era, where consumers expect to interact with suppliers online at any time of day or night, access their own information and make use of self-service features, utilities can struggle to satisfy these expectations. Residential Energy Manager allows utilities to offer these services to their customers easily, cost effectively and relieves the IT component of this significant customer outreach. Consumers – now accustomed to buying their books and music online, paying their property taxes online, enrolling in school online, and almost every other commercial activity – have set the bar high. Keeping up with these evolving expectations can be a significant technical drain that distracts from more core utility activities.

With Residential Energy Manager, you can keep your customer programs modern, save money, and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Residential Energy Manager provides for 2-way communication with your customers, enabling you to “crowd-source” your troubleshooting. For example, a customer can observe a fallen tree on the power line in front of their house, access the portal on their phone, and send you a photo and the address or GPS coordinates of the offending tree. You can also push notifications out to your customer (amber alerts, maintenance notifications, and other outreach programs), keeping them informed about important events. The app displays your utility branding so it works as a marketing tool to promote your company.