The Utility Device Manager is a valuable tool for troubleshooting communication issues on metering networks.

It provides a snapshot of all your electric, water, and gas meters showing the status of the meters as well as their geographical location for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

It acts as a front-end to the Utility Data Manager, allowing your staff to begin their day by reviewing the status of the previous night’s data retrieval from across your network. Communication problems are inevitable – weather, vegetation and other realities of the outdoors can interrupt the normal reading of meter data. While it is possible to interpolate and estimate the missing readings, it is always preferable to obtain actual readings over calculated results when billing customers. The Utility Device Manager helps you minimize the number of estimated readings you use. It helps you geographically pinpoint sites of communication disruption, and manually retrieve metering data that would otherwise be calculated or estimated. It essentially serves as a direct communications alternate solution when automated processes fail.