This is an alphabetical list of Utilismart Glossary Terms.

This glossary was developed to help you understand the terms used in the industry.

AMI – Advanced Metering Infrastructure
AMR – Automated Meter Reading
AWP – Average Wholesale Price
Bucket – Refers to the time of use category the usage falls under
C&I – Commercial and Industrial
CEM – Commercial EnergyManger
CIEM – C&I EnergyManager
CIS – Customer Information System
CMEP – California Metering Exchange Protocol
DA – Distribution Automation
DCE – Data Calculation Engine
DCU – Data Collector Unit
DDM – Device Data Manager
DG– Distribution Generation
DMS – Distribution Management System
EA_MS– Elster’s Energy Axis Management System for reading interval meters
EA – Energy Axis
HAN – Home Area network
HM – HealthMap
HOEP – Hourly Ontario Energy Pricing
IDR – Interval Data Read
IESO – Independent Electricity System Operator
IR – Interval Read
IP– Internet Protocol
Last gasp– Outage message generated from a Smart Meter when it detects a power outage
LDC – Local Distribution Company (ex: London Hydro, Essex Power, etc)
LP – Load Profile
MAS – Metering Automation System
MDFP – Meter Data File Partition
MDM – Meter data management
MDMA– Meter Data Management Agency {Settlement and MDM as a managed service}
MDMR – Meter Data Management Repository
MTU – Meter Transmission Unit
MV90xi– Itron’sMulit-Vendor System for reading interval meters
NSLS – Net System Load Shape
ODS – Operational Data Store
OMS– Outage Management System
OPA – Ontario Power Authority
OPG – Ontario Power Generation
POTS– Plain Old Telephone Service
PRN – File Type – Comma delimited, fixed width formatting
REM – Residential EnergyManager
REX – Residential Excellence (an Elster smart meter)
RPP – Regulated Price Plan (now know as Global Adjustment)
SAS – SEIS Administration Subscription
SCADA– Supervisory Control AND DATA Acquisition
SDP – Service Delivery Point (refers to LDC)
SEIS – Smart Energy Information Services
SM – SmartMap
SW Admin – SeeWater Administration tool
TCP/IP– Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TMS– Smart Synch’s Transactional Management System for reading interval meters
TOU – Time of Use
UDM – Utility DeviceManager
UEM – Utility EnergyManager
UOM – Unit of Measure
US Admin – Utilismart Administration tool
USDP – Universal Service Delivery Point
USMS – Utilismart Smart Metering System
VEE– Validation Estimation and Editing
WAHSP –Weighted average hourly spot price
WMP – Wholesale market participants
WVEE – Water Validation Evaluation Estimation