Green Energy

Society recognizes the imperative for environmental protection and energy self-sufficiency through the production of clean, reliable and sustainable power. Our industry has developed technology that harnesses the forces of nature to convert wind, solar and hydro energy into electrical energy.  Governments have launched green energy programs that motivate consumers of energy to become producers of energy from alternative sources. By eliminating our reliance on fossil fuels, we can realize the promise of green energy – environmental sustainability and energy self-sufficiency.

As a distributor of electricity, you play a pivotal role in achieving this promise – And  it’s not without challenge. Like most utilities, you experienced a dramatic expansion of your distribution network in the latter half of the 20th century.  You constructed your primary and secondary circuits for the unidirectional distribution of electricity to customers with relatively steady, non-transient loads. At that time, you wouldn’t have contemplated the dynamic and sudden load changes of distributed generation or electric vehicles and the bi-directional flow of electricity on your secondary circuits. But this is now becoming a reality.

Short of the substantial investment in implementing SCADA, DMS or DA beyond your substations, you need an alternative way to view the state of your distribution network, right down to distribution transformers, secondary circuits and service points. In addition, you need a way to engage customers by providing them with tools to better manage their programs for energy load, energy conservation and power generation.

To meet your green energy objectives, Utilismart offers a comprehensive solution consisting of the following products:

HealthMAP leverages meter data so you can view the state of your entire distribution network, including voltage and load at distribution transformers, secondary circuits and service points. For more information on our HealthMAP product, please click here.

Energy Manager can help engage your commercial and industrial customers by providing energy and load profiling tools for interval meters. For more information on our Energy Manager product, please click here.

Residential Energy Manager helps you engage your residential customers by providing energy profiling tools for smart meters. For more information on our Residential Energy Manager product, please click here.

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