Operational Data Store

Utilismart provides a wide range of meter data management services to Electric Utilities. The Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Operational Data Store (ODS) and Residential Energy Manager (REM) offer end to end solutions that are flexible, scalable and can handle multiple meter technologies.

Energy usage data is critical in evaluating conservation and demand-management initiatives. Utilismart’s proprietary intellectual property provides stable smart metering solutions to collect, process, store and deliver the data required for making decisions about electricity efficiency.

Utilismart Operational Data Store (ODS) integrates data from multiple sources to make analysis and reporting easier for:

  • Electric Utilities
  • Cities and Municipalities – Water Meter Data
  • Smart Sub-metering Companies
  • Energy Consultants

The application incorporates advanced Validation, Estimating and Editing (VEE), delivered according to each customer’s requirements. Trusted and used by multiple Utilities in multiple jurisdictions, Utilismart integrates AMI and ODS to leverage the AMI investment.

Utilismart equips our customers with the tools and information they require:

  • Residential Energy Manager website for residential users
  • Operations Manager Website for Utilities
  • Daily Meter Status Reports
  • Enables effective Smart Grid deployments
  • GIS maps and Communication Performance reports
  • Remote Disconnect can be accessed through the OM website and executed by UtiliSmart or the Utility designated operator – just click and confirm
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