Settlement Manager

Settlement Manager provides a turnkey metering and settlement solution for power distribution utilities. It enables you to collect, validate and verify the data required to efficiently settle with system operators, retailers and other market participants.  Settlement Manager is a suite of secure web applications that independently read wholesale meters, monitor demand, consumption and power costs, proactively identify discrepancies in meter and market data and verify power bill accuracy. This solution, including all applications and meter reading infrastructure, is offered under a managed services model that is affordable to small and mid-sized utilities.

System Layout; Aggregate and track meter data in your distribution system










As a distribution utility, your largest monthly expense is your wholesale power bill.  With Settlement Manager, you can make sure it’s correct. Now you can easily aggregate wholesale meter data to each delivery point in your service area, monitor power consumption and demand and perform daily analysis of each cost component. Moreover you can calculate applicable weighted average retail pricing, expose any inaccuracies and estimate your wholesale bill and settlements with the system operator, retailers and market participants.

Demand Profile; Track usage, power factor and demand values to pinpoint cost savings.
Settlement Manager saves you time and money through the following features:
  • Validate and track 
    • Network and connection charges
     Demand charges  
     System losses 
    • Power delivered and costs from load transfers to adjacent distribution    utilities 
    • Power received and costs from embedded generation
  • Automatically complete market and regulator forms
  • Automatically integrate meter data with your Customer Information System
  • Automatically download power pricing and market data
  • Present power usage and market data through an easy to navigate web portal
  • Easily export meter and pricing data for further analysis
  • Simulate generation of wholesale power bill through aggregation of each metering point
  • Support daily operations through managed services of Utilismart help desk
  • Deliver meter and cost data from a fully redundant and secure IT environment
Min/Max/Avg; Expose saving opportunities by comparing coincident and
non-coincident demands for each time interval within a 24 hour operations cycle
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