Smart Metering System

USMS provides smart metering solutions to collect, process, store and deliver the data required to efficiently bill your customers, manage your network and make informed energy efficiency decisions.  USMS is a Meter Data Management (MDM) platform that consolidates data from a range of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) smart metering and interval metering systems, validates data through a VEE engine, stores data in a highly scalable Operational Data Store (ODS) and delivers validated data to a range of billing systems.  This platform, including its applications and interfaces, is offered under a managed services model that is affordable to small and mid-sized utilities.

USMS shows communication path between meter and gatekeeper










Your AMI smart metering and interval metering infrastructure relies on a communications network. Be it wireless mesh, point-to-point or power line carrier, there will always be gaps in the data of your daily reads from interval and smart meters. To support your billing system, you need to cleanse your data through a VEE engine in order to deliver validated data to your billing system.

USMS shows meter read status for each billing cycle










With USMS, you not only validate your meter data but you can pinpoint communication problems, obtain at-a-glance meter reading status for each billing cycle and drill down on the meter reading statistics for each day. USMS supports the following features through a secure web portal:

  • Dashboard with information on data collection and statistics
  • View of meters on a map with communication path between meters and data collector
  • Detailed information on all meters including register, TOU, and interval data.
  • Standard functions (On Request Reads, Remote Disconnect/Connects for meters with the disconnect function)
  • Standard Reports on daily meter reads for each billing cycle
  • Data aggregation per region, per community, etc.
  • Streamlining and automation of Validation, Estimation, Editing, Reporting, Web Presentment, and Data Delivery
USMS exported VEE data to billing system
USMS shows detailed statistics for each billing cycle

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