Utility Operations

Small and Mid-Size Utilities have always faced the challenge of justifying the investment in a SCADA system. Even if you’ve already made this investment, your visibility of network state is generally limited to distribution substations and primary circuits. With the new imperative for smart grid, including distributed generation and electric vehicles, and the new obligations for network reliability and asset management, you need visibility of the entire distribution network, along secondary circuits right down to distribution transformers and service points. In essence, you need a solution to manage the health of your entire network. You may be considering the substantial investment in DMS or OMS – but there’s another way if you’re  already investing in smart metering and AMI.

Utilismart offers such a solution: HealthMAP. Designed specifically for Utility Operations, it leverages meter data in near real-time to manage the health of your network. With HealthMAP, your operations staff can perform the following:

  • View the state of the entire network, right down to distribution transformers and service points
  • Monitor load and voltage at feeders, distribution transformers and customer meters
  • Automatically record load and voltage history on a graph for immediate reference
  • Receive an email alert when load or voltage exceeds a threshold
  • Detect network events, such as under voltage, over voltage and power outages
  • Determine the likely cause and its location on a map
  • Isolate the event and communicate resolution to your stakeholders on a map
  • Substantiate decisions with historical evidence

Our customers are maximizing the return on their AMI smart metering investment by implementing HealthMAP to manage:

  • Transformer Overload
  • Under/Over Voltage
  • Power Outages
  • Network Losses

Like our customers who have implemented HealthMAP, you can improve your programs for:

  • Asset Management
  • Voltage Conservation
  • Network Reliability
  • Theft of Power
For more information about our HealthMAP product please click here.
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