Asset Management

Manage Transformer Overload

Like most utilities, you experienced a dramatic expansion of your distribution network in the latter half of the 20th century. This reality has driven you to implement an asset management program to carefully plan the replacement of assets and to extend the life of assets. Further, with constrained capital budgets and deferred asset replacement, you are now challenged with unplanned failures of your distribution assets. This challenge is heightened by the introduction of distributed generation and electric vehicles – unanticipated loads on your secondary circuits and distribution transformers that were not originally forecasted.

You need a solution that anticipates unplanned events by monitoring the load on your assets, especially at distribution transformers and along secondary circuits. Our HealthMAP solution leverages meter data so that you can monitor load at distribution transformers. Anticipate the failure of distribution assets and receive alerts before equipment failure. For more information on our HealthMAP please click here.

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