Power Outages

Like most small utilities, you have been unable to justify the substantial investment in a Distribution Management or Outage Management System [DMS or OMS]. Your business process for outage management is to wait for a customer’s call, dispatch a crew to locate a fault, isolate an outage, replace a failed unit and restore power.  Without visibility of your distribution network, the task of determining a fault’s location is very time consuming and it adversely affects your reliability indices.

With HealthMAP, you now have visibility. HealthMAP leverages event data, such as “last gasp”, from your AMI smart meters and plots it on a map in near real-time. In addition, your operations staff will receive an email alert, often before the first customer calls, and then click on a link to see the extent of the outage on a map.  With this view, your crew can quickly determine the fault’s location while other operations staff can communicate with customers and stakeholders using the same map view. With HealthMAP you can dramatically accelerate the time to restoration and improve operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and reliability indices.

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