Electricity Distribution

Since 2001, Utilismart has been providing a variety of services to Electricity Distribution companies. In addition to regularly adding new Electricity Distributors to our customer base, Utilismart supports a current customer base of 70+ Distributors throughout North America and the Caribbean. Our customer range in size from 1,500 customers to 1 million plus.

Services to this sector include:

  • Meter data collection – Wholesale, Commercial and industrial, Residential
  • Meter data processing and analysis
  • Meter data delivery and storage
  • Wholesale and retail settlement services
  • Secure web portals for distributors and their end customers
  • Data integration services – CIS, Outage management, Operations

Our hosted service models help Electricity Distributors meet their meter data needs with services that are easy to stand-up and operate, because Utilismart provides all of the back office support needed and our customers have unlimited access to our solutions through an number of secure web portals. Distributors benefit from the knowledge provided by our experienced customer service and operations teams. Utilismart reduces the data burden for Electricity Distributors so that they can focus on other areas of their operation, including more advanced integration and uses for the vast amounts of meter data that is now available.

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