Theft of Power

Being a distributor of electricity, your largest monthly expense is the cost of power. It is determined by the sum of your wholesale meters. Conversely, your revenue is determined by the sum of thousands of meters at commercial, industrial and residential customers. Assuming the meters are accurate, your total system load should equate to the sum of your customers, with an adjustment for technical losses. But, what if you have unmetered loads?  How do you detect them, pinpoint their location, settle the matter and recover your losses?  You need a solution that give you a complete view of all metered loads, the sum of commercial, industrial and residential customers, and compares it against your wholesale meters.

Utilismart already has the data collection infrastructure for wholesale, commercial and industrial interval meters. By combining this with HealthMAP’s data collected from your AMI smart meters, you now have a complete view of all metered loads. On an hourly basis, HealthMAP sums all loads from your commercial, industrial and residential customers and compares it against your wholesale meters so you can monitor the difference and automatically record network loss history on a graph. You can set alerts and receive a notification email when the hourly network loss exceeds a critical threshold. Further, if you monitor actual load of each distribution transformer in selected service areas, you can quickly pinpoint theft of power. Finally, in shared distribution networks, you can detect an unreported, emergency load transfer through your network that was executed by a neighbouring distribution company or by  the transmission company  – And catch it on the hour instead of waiting for your monthly bill. This solution can help you settle matters with evidence, manage your monthly cash flow and recover lost revenues. You can settle the matter with historical evidence.

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