We’re a dynamic company with a portfolio of solutions that facilitates digital transformation in utilities. Our Digital Utility Platform empowers 21st-century utilities to unlock Smart Grid Technologies, enabling them to make decisions in real-time, maximizing operational efficiencies, reliability, and flexibility of their services. We help utilities gain abilities in meter data management, outage management, engineering analysis, billing, asset management, member engagement, grid visualization, rate analysis, and more.

The Challenge

Electric utilities are deploying more advanced metering telemetry, and as a result, they are increasing the data, volume, variety, and velocity, at unprecedented speed. Meter data management and utility analytics providers like us are left to manage 2,000x more data than before. With over 120 utility clients, we needed a big data engine to enable our real-time engineering analysis such as load flow analysis to analyze the health of assets and identify issues in real-time.

“We enable utilities to embark on their digital transformation journey. Our Digital Utility Platform, powered by Kx, provides advanced real-time analytics that allows for the digital utility transformation at an accelerated pace. ”

Miro Karlicic
Vice President, Business Development and Innovation Utilismart Corporation

Why Kx

Kx is a partner in data

We shared the same vision as Kx, to develop the next generation, a utility-enabled database that converts data into decisions and insights back to their utility customers instantly. Kx helps us scale and process more device data over a shorter period. Also, Kx enables us to onboard utility customers faster and deliver an improved customer experience. Utility engineers and operation staff can now access mission-critical data at their fingertips and address events safely and quickly while improving utility service reliability.

The Benefits

With Kx, we quickly found mission-critical benefits improving the overall customer experience and ability to efficiently manage the evolving demands in utilities. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced meter data processing times from hours to minutes
  • Process meter data at over 1 million-meter readings per second
  • Improved query response times from 10x to 100x
  • Ability to support larger utility customers and their data volumes
  • Delivering new product features faster with Kx API extension
  • Increased data security protocols safeguards valuable information
Utilismart unlocking Smart Grid Technologies