There is no doubt that women are underrepresented within the energy sector. Today, leaders of top organizations have the power to make the change and help close the gender gap in career advancement, as well as pay. Utilismart Corporation is one of the companies doing just that. Over the years Utilismart’s culture and values have shifted, and now, when on the hunt for new talent it looks into diversity and breaks down gender barriers to ensure that it hires the best of the best. Utilismart understands that acquiring the right talent in the right positions will ultimately help it to grow and succeed.  

Jayna Sweeney, Vice President of Operations and Corporate Services, is one of the female leads within the organization. Sweeney joined Utilismart in 2014. She was only with the organization for a short period before being appointed Director of Operations: the first female to be appointed in a senior management role. “Having worked in male-dominated sectors all my career, I understand what it takes. I mean, I had to shift my mindset and my approaches for my voice to be heard. Once I was able to do this, everything else came naturally and since then I have been able to make some significant changes which has benefited the organization as a whole,” says Sweeney. 

“I am honored to be part of a team that acknowledges me for my contribution and within an industry that is so dynamic.”

The Vice President of Operations and Corporate Services is a role that involves staying on top of the day-to-day company operations as well as developing and fine-tuning long-term operational strategies to help the organization achieve its objectives. Sweeney has been in an operational role for most of her career, so she has gained a solid understanding of what it means to run a lean operation. “Lean operations is a business strategy that I have adopted and implemented here at Utilismart. No matter what type of business you run, cutting costs and operating more efficiently should be a top priority. It’s a minimalist approach to running a business and improving on its day-to-day operations,” adds Sweeney. 

When the organization began over 20 years ago, the female workforce was barely noticeable. But today, over 20% of its workforce is represented by females across various departments from operations and data analytics through to marketing and administrative roles. Moreover, Utilismart welcomes women who come from all walks of life. It has employees that are from India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Russia, and even South Africa. “It’s not every day that a company can truly reflect on its workforce, its diversity, and the strides it has made and be proud of it, but we certainly are!” concludes Sweeney.  

Utilismart has been providing utility data management and analytics to customers in North America for twenty years. Its offerings include cloud-based Meter Data Management (MDM) solutions, along with a wide range of Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) software solutions and data services for Utilities, Municipalities, Industrial, Commercial and Residential customers. The company prides itself on being a solutions-driven team that acts as the technical eyes and hands for our customers, combining a wealth of industry knowledge and cutting-edge technical experience to create software solutions that drive results.