LONDON – October 26, 2021 – Utilismart Corporation is pleased to announce the latest updates for their industry-leading MDM-driven utility analytics solution, SmartMAP. The new software release, scheduled for Q2 2022, will deliver robust data analytics to improve grid visibility. The new features will help utilities across North America advance their digital transformation journey.

Today’s distribution utilities are faced with an ever-increasing mix of Distribution Energy Resources (DERs). In addition, new electrification trends bring significant loads such as Electrical Vehicles (EVs), which put pressure on ageing infrastructure and affect system resilience and reliability. With each new technology comes more data that can help improve system visibility and flexibility and support impact analysis studies. SmartMAP provides advanced system visibility and planning capabilities, allowing utilities to expand their distribution systems using augmented analytics.

Enhanced Grid Visibility 

The latest SmartMAP update will provide the capability to detect the existence of EVs across the distribution system and analyze the impact they make on distribution system assets. A growing concern for many utilities is how to manage distribution transformers overloaded due to the increased adoption of DERs and EVs and how to minimize the cost and impact of premature asset failures. “SmartMAP provides distribution system visualization and data analytics required for proactive system and asset management,” said VP of Business Development and Innovation, Miroslav Karlicic. “Utility engineers can now utilize data analytics, in near real-time, to assess the impact of their decisions and build better, flexible, 21st-century digital grids,” adds Karlicic. 

Grid visibility improves system reliability and extends the life of assets.

SmartMAP provides distribution utilities with grid analytics that help them mitigate against system failures that could lead to outages SmartMAP’s data analytics engine creates insights enabling distribution transformer loading and voltage visibility. The data-driven decisions enabled by SmartMAP increase the life of distribution transformers and reduce the likelihood of power outages and related costs. “Our motto at Utilismart is to turn data into decisions.” SmartMAP converts data into decisions, enabling better and timely decisions,” notes Karlicic.  

SmartMAP is a powerful and cost-effective utility analytics solution. With its interactive dashboard, distribution utilities can gain essential insights from the grid to manage their day-to-day operations better and create operational efficiencies. To learn more about how you can reduce operating costs, improve system visibility, optimize grid performance, and increase operational efficiencies, book a demo today

DER and EV grid Visibility with SmartMAP

SmartMAP EV grid visibility: Data Analytics